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Mar 26

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Twitter can get your brand in front of new customers, drive web traffic, increase sales, and lead to new business. Twitter is among the most famous social networking sites today. Others even claim that it has much more active users compared to Facebook. Whether it’s the best or not is uncertain, but using it as a venue to market your business is without a doubt a good idea.


Montreal Web Design FacebookFacebook is the largest social networking website and has become a powerful tool for business to spread the word about their products and services. Having a Facebook Business Page is a great way to stay connected with prospects and customers on a site that they likely visit on a daily basis. It also allows you to facilitate a more personal connection with your audience. You’ll be able to share company insights, industry updates, pictures, videos, and more with your audience. You’ll also be able to get your fans’ opinions via polls and comments on your updates.


Montreal Web Design Linkedin

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking website, and it is also the most affluent social media. Many businesses, according to marketing expert Heidi Cohen, understand how to leverage the power of LinkedIn’s job search capabilities, but they overlook its social network’s power. LinkedIn has over 200 million members, and some studies showed that it generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate, almost 3 times higher than both Twitter and Facebook.

Montreal Web Design Youtube

YouTube, the largest video sharing website in the world, is an incredible tool for showcasing your products, sharing powerful testimonials, and growing your business. How often do you come across YouTube videos when you are conducting an Internet search? The answer is likely: almost always. We are often directed to advertisements, tutorials and guides in video formats that tell us about the products or the information we are searching for online They help spread information and create a viral buzz for products and services. 


Montreal Web Design Pinterest

 Why Pinterest? A recent report by Experian revealed that Pinterest is now the third largest social media site based on the number of site visits in March   2012. Facebook maintains its mammoth lead with 7 billion visits, Twitter received 182 million, Pinterest received 104 million, and LinkedIn received 86 million. Considering Pinterest launched in 2010 with a small beta test, its growth has been remarkable.


Montreal Web Design Google+

What makes Google Plus different is that it is the new backbone of a company that does search better than anyone already--something Facebook could never compete with. When your customers search on Google, the results to the right may include relevant posts, photos, and videos from your Google+ page. Get found across Google, right when your customers are most interested.


Social Media is an amazing and powerful tool, but success always begins with the same questions.
  • What is the goal?
  • What are the risks?
  • Where are my prospects?
  • How do I convert them into clients?

We are committed to answering these questions for your organization, creating a strategy that will help you achieve your business goals, and training your team to execute that strategy. In a world of warp speed changes within social media, we stay on top of it. Our social media consulting, strategy and training services include professionals who specialize in specific areas of social media and will work with your company in your location on typical issues, giving you the road map of how to make social media work for and in your company.


Add-On Features Available Upon Request

If you have some wiggle room left in your budget, consider a further boost to your social media presence by adding one or more of the following services:

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