At for our SEO campaigns, we create only ‘do-follow’ contextual backlinks from relevant forums, blogs, directories and websites with high Google Page Rank and aged authority domains (no link farms). We use only White Hat SEO methods and follow ‘Google Webmaster Guidelines’ for webmasters.

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Please note that first bill will contain just the monthly amount specified in your choosed SEO package. We will issue a new bill of 500 $ (setup fees) soon after your first month bill. SEO Disclaimer

We cannot make any position guarantee in search results of the search engines as we do not have any control over them. We work on the guidelines set by the search engine which keeps on updating periodically. SEO Services Montreal does not have any kind of association with any search engines SEO Services Montreal does not have any control on the search results SEO Services Montreal do not manipulate search results or positions SEO Services Montreal follow the technical guidelines set by the different search engines SEO Services Montreal follows ethical SEO process most of which are executed manually

Search Engines results are controlled independently by the different search engines. Their unique algorithms evaluate different webpage's of the website based on the look, feel content, keyword placement and the technical factors which are mentioned in their guidelines.

SEO is a process as in traditional advertising, as you cannot build a brand over night same in case of online marketing no one guarantee top result instantly. To be successful in online market one has to have patience as all process is done as per requirement. Over doing any process can result in disaster, as the saying goes "slow and steady win the race" blends perfectly with SEO.